So How Much Does Liposuction Cost in the USA?

For those who are seeking to have a liposuction done, you might want to check this price guide of cities who offer liposuction services…

New York

The Big Apple is one of the busiest cities in the world. Whether it is business, commercial, or entertainment, New York is lively all day and all night. The medical side is no exception, even for liposuction.

New York has a lot of medical centers, clinics and other facilities that offer liposuction. Skilled surgeon are found almost everywhere in the city. The prices of the procedure vary depending on the location. A simple procedure can cost around $3,000 in some clinic whereas the same procedure done in a known hospital can cost up to $16,000-$20,000. So it depends on your budget and likeness on where you want to have it done.

San Diego

While it is better known as having a lot of tourist attractions, San Diego offers also offers a lot of exceptional liposuction clinics. The prices vary depending on the reputation of the clinic and the technology available. Yet its prices are surprisingly low, which ranges around $4,000-$13,000, compared to other major cities.

A lot of satisfied customers have done their procedure there and you may want to consider this city as one of your choices.


This city is known for having reputable liposuction clinics with very affordable prices. The prices, which range from $2,600 to $10,000, may be just right enough for those who are tight on the budget.Many customers have praised their efficiency, whether it should be a minor procedure or a major one, and consider Houston as one of the best places to their liposuction done. Houston liposuction


Well known for its beaches and other tourist attractions, Miami is also a very popular destination for liposuction. Prices ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, which is very low compared to other cities in the US.
So how do you pay for liposuction?

Let’s get straight to the point: liposuction is very expensive. Even the simplest, cheapest procedure can cost thousands of dollars. Thus, only a few people can afford this procedure with any monetary hassle.

For those who don’t have the financial capacity to afford liposuction, don’t lose hope yet. One solution to this problem is to get financing and there are ways to get financing. Here are some examples.

Get a Loan

Probably one of the quickest ways to get financing is to apply for a loan. There are a lot of credit companies out there that are willing to shoulder your expense. The key now is to find that credit companies with the best terms available and their accessibility for payment. So a lot of research has to be done here in order to find those credit companies that you want to apply a loan in and the best way to find out is to surf the net. Almost every major credit company have their own websites

But before you do that, you have to check your credit standing. Check if you still have an outstanding loan or maybe, a previous bad debt. If you do, applying for a loan will be very hard because a lot of credit companies will investigate your background before they finally approve yours. If you don’t have any of those plus you have the capability to pay the monthly amortization, you may get your loan as early as possible.


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